Yellowstone Adventure Tours

 We specialize in PRIVATE First Class Experiences & Guided Tours in Yellowstone

Pick up available in West Yellowstone, Bozeman, Big Sky, Gardiner & Old Faithful


Why book a tour with us?

We are a small locally owned company that specializes in small private tours of Yellowstone National Park.  All our guides have a background in natural science and years of guiding experience to interpret the parks wildlife, geology, and history throughout the day.  All of tours are led in a modern Chevy suburban.


We make a precedence to get your family the most amount of wildlife viewing possible and avoid the crowds while still stopping at the ICONIC sites that are famous in Yellowstone.  Throughout the day we will get out of the car several times to view wildlife and go on multiple family friendly hikes that led to hidden geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, prime animal viewing areas.  We also understand that frequent clean bathroom stops are important and will stop often.   


Every tour comes with complimentary binoculars and use of high end spotting scopes for your entire group.  We will provide snacks, drinks, waters, and a delicious picnic style lunch from at another hidden spot along shores of Yellowstone Lake.  We do not follow any strict time constraints to ensure your family sees everything on your Yellowstone wish list.


We are proudly supporting projects around the GYE that strive for coexistence between humans and wildlife. Furthermore we support several conservation projects in African national parks.

Local business

1300+ trips

Ethical Wildlife viewing

5 Star Rating on Tripadvisor


Summer Tours (May-Oct)

Summer is the best time to see all Yellowstone has to offer. Geysers, large waterfalls, and wildlife. You will see it all!

From $1650
Duration 8-10h
Pickup: West Yellowstone, Big Sky, Bozeman, Gardiner & within the park

Winter Tours (Nov - April)

Yellowstone's winter is serene and offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities.

From $999
Duration 8-10h
Locations: Bozeman and Gardiner &
Big Sky

Photography Tours (All Year)

From a beginner to professionals, we accomodate your needs and will help you get your dream shot.

From $999
Duration 8-10h
Locations: Depends on the season and objective of the trip.


Whether you’re unsure about when to visit or what tour to book , reach out to us and we will help you.