Spring Wonders of Yellowstone

Fully Private
4x4 Suburban

Open to all ages

April 21st- May 9th

8-10 hours

Max 6 people

From $1250


Spring in Yellowstone National Park is a time full of wonders. The bears are waking up, the snow is slowly melting and many areas that were inaccessible during the winter are now open. Old Faithful and other geothermal areas of Yellowstone are what drew early explorers to the Yellowstone area, and we will focus on the unique geology of the park. Additionally, we will also visit the canyon area which hosts breathtaking waterfalls and vistas. Many animals are migrating through the park and the cooler temperatures provide great wildlife viewing. We will also do off the beaten path walks depending on the snow level. *Animals roam the park freely; we cannot guarantee you will see every animal on the list.



  • Travel to the best place in the park to view wildlife based on current wildlife sightings and weather.

  • Includes a picnic lunch , snacks, drinks, and water

  • Old Faithful & geothermal areas

  • Canyon & waterfalls

  • Open to all ages and ability ranges

  • Includes binoculars for every guest

  • Includes two spotting scopes per tour

  • Includes take home videos of wildlife

Wildlife Viewing Guide

Spring Wonders of Yellowstone



Wolf watching in this area of the park during spring can be tricky as they are seeking out den sites.

Grizzly Bears


This is one of the best times of the year to see grizzlies. Emerging from their dens, they are very active.


Almost Daily

Bison are moving to their summer ground and are often seen on the road.

Black Bears


Black bears are waking up as well, they are not seen as often as grizzlies though.



Elk are common as they are still in lower eleavtions.



Bighorn sheep, Pronghorn, River otters, Red foxes and coyotes are seen on our tours.

Pick Up Info

West Yellowstone ,Bozeman, Big Sky Livingston,
Paradise Valley, Gardiner & Mammoth

5:00am -7:00 am

Our pick up times vary from location to location to allow best wildlife watching in the park while ensuring safety on the road. There is fluctuation from month to month as these decisions are made on how much light is available.

We pick up as early as possible in West Yellowstone, between Bozeman and Gardiner. We also pick up in Yellowstone

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Most frequent questions and answers

We can not guarantee any wolf or bear sightings, but there is always one exciting memory that guests bring home.

Yes, our tours are 100% private and customized to your desires. It will be just your family and friends for the entire day.

Each tour comes with a provided deli style lunch from a local bakery that makes all of their breads from scratch. You will get to choose from turkey, roast beef, ham, or vegetarian sandwich with mustard and mayo on the side. All sandwiches come with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Your lunch will come with a large selection of chips, an organic apple, and a fresh baked cookie.

Park Entrance Fee is not included in the price of the tour. However, if you have an annual park pass, it will get up 4 adult members of your group into the park. Otherwise, adults are $20/day.  Children 15 and under are free.  If you have a Senior Pass, are active Military, purchased a National Parks Pass, or are in the 4th Grade you will get yourself and part of the tour group in for free.

Come prepared and expect anything from cold and wet to extremely hot.