Private 2 Day Tours

Fully Private
4x4 Suburban

West Yellowstone

June 20 - November

8-10 hours

Max 7 people

From $2900

*We have limited availability for pick ups from Bozeman, Gardiner, and Paradise Valley.  Please call or text to confirm before from these pick up areas


Two Day Deep Dive

If you have never been to the park before and want to maximize your time this is a great option for your family! This two day tour will feature all of the highlights of The Best of Yellowstone/ lower loop but at a slower pace to allow for more time spent viewing wildlife, geyser gazing, and less time driving. Over the course of two days we will take a deep, very in depth tour of Yellowstone National Parks lower loop. This two day tour gives us opportunities for multiple game drives during peak wildlife activity periods when both predator and pray are commonly seen grazing and potentially interacting with each other. Yellowstone contains the worlds largest concentration of geothermal features and over half of the worlds geysers! On Day 1 we will focus on the geysers, hot springs, wildlife, and the rare geothermal activity found inside the park. Yellowstone National Park has the largest concentration of mammals found anywhere in North America.  On Day 2 we will start with an early morning game drive through the Hayden Valley and eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake looking for bear and wolves.  Then a fun family friendly hike amongst Upper Yellowstone Falls before lunch. After lunch we will explore the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone by going on a mild/ medium hike that is ranked as one of the Best Hikes in any national park by Outside Magazine. This hike will go right along the south rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which has been made famous from Thomas Morans painting inn 1871 that helped catapult the area into National Park Status in 1872, , Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls, lush meadows, mixed conifer forests of douglas fir and pine, several backcountry bubbling mud pots, Lilly Pad Lake, and Clear Lake that is stained lime green because of geo thermal activity! Over the course of two days we will go visit two very historic hotels: The Lake Hotel (oldest hotel in any national park; opened into 1891) and the world famous Old Faithful Inn opened in 1904.  On both days we will stop for a provided picnic style lunch at a scenic picnic table! Throughout our two day tour we will visit countless hidden hot springs and geysers. We will spend lots of time searching for bear, wolves, moose, bison herds, coyotes, elk, and other species to observe them interacting in Yellowstones prime wildlife viewing habitats.  Yellowatone National Park is one of the only places remaining where you can observe these ancient ecological functions playing out on the landscape in live view.


 This Two Day Tour option cuts down on our time spent driving in a car and maximizes our time outside of a vehicle! We will take several easy walks and hikes (just let us know your ability range/ hiking desires) over the course of this 2 Day Deep Dive tour of Yellowstone National Park.


Not to mention you can really maximize your time inside YNP and get to know your guide on a deeper/ more personal level by booking this 2 day tour of America’s First National Park! Choose any two dates that are available on the calendar. Dates do not need to be back to back.  If you wish take a day or two off in between tours to rest!


This tour does not go to Yellowstones Lamar Valley.  If you wish to go there on a Two Day Tour see the Alternative Option below or book a third day by adding the Wildlife Safari Tour to your 2 Day Deep Dive.



  • All the ICONIC sites but we will start the day with best wildlife possible

  • Travel to the best place in the southern portion of the park to view wildlife.

  • Large waterfalls

  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

  • Includes a picnic Lunch from local French bakery, snacks, drinks, and waters

  • Several hidden gem off the beaten path hikes

  • Open to All Ages and Ability Range

  • Includes Binoculars for every guest

  • Includes two Spotting Scopes per tour

  • Includes take home videos of wildlife

Rates for Summer 2024:

$2900 for (use code: 2PEOPLE)
$3100 for 3 people (use code : 3PEOPLE)
$3500 for groups of 4-7 people

Two Day Tour Upper and Lower Loop

This 2 Day safari gives us opportunities for multiple game drives during peak wildlife activity periods in the best areas of the park for annual viewing. This is two day tour will cover majority of Yellowstones roadways and  highlights in two days.  The Lamar Valley inside Yellowstone National Park contains the largest concentration of mammals found anywhere in North America.  Day 1 Wildlife Safari Tour in Yellowstones Lamar Valley, walk the boardwalks of Mammoth Hot Springs, and take multiple family friendly hikes that will get us off the beaten path.   Yellowstone also contains the worlds largest concentration of geysers, hot springs, and mud pots. On Day 2 we will wake up for an early morning game drive in the Hayden Valley (second best place for animal viewing in YNP).  Then explore the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, hike amongst Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls, Lunch on Yellowstone Lake, visit the Lake Hotel (oldest hotel national park built in 1891), heads towards Old Faithful to take in an eruption of the worlds most famous geyser, go a hidden geyser/ hot spring walk away from crows, then explore the Lower geyser basin via the Fountain Paint Pots trail. This Two day tour we will explore all the unique aspects of the park in detail. It will be two days full of rare wildlife encounters, large waterfalls, geysers, colorful hot springs, and many wonderful family friendly hikes that get us off the beaten path.


  • All the ICONIC sites but we will start the day with best wildlife possible

  • Lamar and Hayden Valley

  • Large waterfalls

  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

  • Old Faithful 
  • Includes a picnic Lunch from local bakery, snacks, drinks, and waters

  • Several hidden gem off the beaten path hikes

  • Open to All Ages and Ability Range

  • Family Friendly 
  • Includes Binoculars for every guest

  • Includes two Spotting Scopes per tour

  • Includes take home videos of wildlife

Wildlife Viewing Guide

All of the species listed below can be seen April to Nov. It is likely we will see them on all of tours in April, May, June, and October. Due to the higher temperatures in July and August viewing bears and wolves may be challenging and limited to the early morning hours. The Wildlife Viewing Guide can be used as an indicator to view each species when they are the most active.


Year around

Early mornings and carcasses provide wolf watching opportunities. We see them all year long

Grizzly Bears

April, May, June & October

Spring and fall provide milder temperatures which bears prefer.


Seen all year round

The Bison rut mid summer is a specatcle that needs to be seen. May and April is great for bison calves

Black Bears

Late April, May, and June

Black bears are seen easiest on our tours in June when all the vegetation is greening up.



Hearing elk bugle and chasing each other around is something you will not forget.



Bighorn Sheep, Pronghorn, River Otters, Red foxes and coyotes are seen on our tours.

Pick Up Info

West Yellowstone ,Bozeman, Livingston,
Paradise Valley, Gardiner & Mammoth

5:00am -7:00 am

Our pick up times vary from location to location to allow best wildlife watching in the park while ensuring safety on the road. There is fluctuation from month to month as these decisions are made on how much light is available.

We pick up as early as possible in West Yellowstone, between Bozeman and Gardiner. We also pick up within Yellowstone National Pak itself.


Tours in Bozeman and Gardiner are performed by Yellowstone Wilderness Expeditions LLC.


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Most frequent questions and answers

We cannot guarantee wildlife sightings. Animals inside Yellowstone freely roam the park. We cannot guarantee sightings bit we will try our  best to get you the most sightings possible based on recent activity and seasonality of wildlife movements in Yellowstone.

Yes, our tours are 100% private and customized to your desires. It will be just your family and friends for the entire day.

Each tour comes with a provided deli style lunch from a local bakery that makes all of their breads from scratch. You will get to choose from turkey, roast beef, ham, or vegetarian sandwich with mustard and mayo on the side. All sandwiches come with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Your lunch will come with a large selection of chips, an organic apple, and a fresh baked cookie.

Park Entrance Fee is not included in the price of the tour. However, if you have an annual park pass, it will get up 4 adult members of your group into the park. Otherwise, adults are $20/day.  Children 15 and under are free.  If you have a Senior Pass, are active Military, purchased a National Parks Pass, or are in the 4th Grade you will get yourself and part of the tour group in for free.

The weather in Yellowstone can vary greatly.  Spring (May and early June) and Fall (late September and Oct) can everything from beautiful sunny weather mid day with cold mornings to rain and or snow. Summer Mid June – mid September) Expect cold mornings beautiful sunny weather that transitions to HOT by late afternoon, rain is possible.